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Why should you replace the locks in your home?


Security of a home is very important to protect your family and loved ones. Whether by installing security cameras or adding extra security measures, we always want to be sure that your family is fully protected. However amidst of all those high end security measures we fail to recognize the most common and most efficient security measure, that being the locks in our doors.

Doors, windows and back doors are the main entrance point of your house. So if someone tries to get into your house they would obviously try to get inside using these entrances only. A door lock ensures that nobody gets inside them without your permission. The only few people who will be able to get inside your house will be you and your family members. While you are not at home, the locks in your door will ensure that no one gets inside your house without your permission.

Is this method safe?

This is one of the easiest and cost efficient methods to protect your property. However it has been found recently that there are people who might be able to get inside of your house by duplicating your keys. Although duplicating the keys is not that simple, yet there have been few cases where such incidents have occurred. To make sure that such incidents do not happen to you have two options. Either rekey your locks, or call Lock Patrol the most efficient Locksmith in Bellevue to change the locks of your residence.

Rekey or replace?

Rekeying your locks means changing the pins and springs of the lock where the mechanism of the locks completely changes. You will be given a new key and the old ones will be thrown away. This is a very cost efficient method compared to changing locks, as you only need to change the keys and alter keys. Your Locksmith Bellevue will be able to do that for you easily.

Changing the locks means you have to change the entire lock itself. This method is a bit costly, however sometimes replacements of the locks becomes necessary.

Replacing the locks for better safety

Studies have shown that while rekeying the locks is one of the options, changing the locks has a higher percentage of protecting your family from future threats. Sometimes the entire lock starts to malefaction and there is no point in fixing that. In such instances changing becomes important. For instance, if you move into a new house then make sure to change the locks rather than rekeying them as you cannot be absolutely sure about the quality of the locks.

Locks that are used by keys have higher changes of getting defeated. But Locksmith Bellevue WA has that problem to as they can also help you out with automotive door locks that can give the burglar a hard time to break. The mechanism of these locks is much more difficult break. So if you want to ensure that the best lock is installed in your house, visit Lock Patrol now.

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