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Category archives: Business

2 Alternatives to Standard Flatbed Tarping

Flatbed trucking is back-breaking work. It can also be arm and leg breaking, too. Just ask any trucker who has climbed atop a load to tie it down or struggled with a tarp in a fierce wind. Flatbed trucking is certainly not for the faint of heart. One would think that in this day and age of technology, manufacturers would come up with different kinds of tarping systems that would […]

Payroll Reporting: One Mistake Can Create a Huge Mess

The city of Clearwater, Florida found itself facing a public relations nightmare after an internal audit revealed they had mistakenly overpaid more than $218,700 in sick time and other benefits over the last five years. A second audit of the books brought both good and bad news. It also illustrated the reality that just one mistake in payroll reporting can create a huge mess. According to the Tampa Bay Times, […]