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What is a bitcoin faucet?


A bitcoin faucet  is a site where you can earn free bitcoins in exchange for advertising exposure or by performing small tasks.

What is a Bit coin Wallet?

A Bitcoin wallet is loosely the equivalent of a physical wallet on the Bitcoin network.

There are mainly two ways to create a wallet but the easiest way is to get an online wallet using a secure website like Coinbase For example the bitcoin address you will receive in this form Here is the best list for win free and fast bitcoins, also visit the bitcoin rotator .

All winning bitcoins will be automatically credited to Faucet Hub (you need to create an account at home) and after that you can withdraw to your wallet.

How to win bitcoin?

Choose the best bitcoin faucet   ,e nter your bitcoin address, prove that you are a human by different test (Solvemedia, Recap or other), validated (click on Get reward or Bclaim and other according to the site) and read the confirmation of the shipment on your account. Win free satoshis, which is the sub-unit of bitcoin.

It will be necessary to wait for the indicated time before being able to regain bitcoins on the same taps with bitcoin but the gains will all accumulated automatically towards your bitcoin address.

Platforms to buy bitcoin

If you want to earn bitcoins and receive them directly into your digital wallet , consider using sites that trade bitcoin. To help you better understand the principle, be aware that these platforms are more or less like platforms dedicated to traditional stock markets, but where are traded crytpo currencies. Translation differences can be very large in the course of a day, just as in the middle of the stock market.

When you want to use platforms to trade bitcoin, know that the principle remains as simple as possible. All you have to do is bring all your bitcoins and exchange them for other crypto currencies. By the time the cryptocurrency of your choice has gained value compared to bitcoin, all you have to do is reverse it and you’ll see, you’re going to pocket a lot of bitcoin .

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